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Working draft.

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Note: Wrote this today as a sort of freewrite for Working Draft, a little club started by a friend from 826 Valencia. We invaded the tutoring center late at night and everyone got to work. Originally just planned to put this on my blog, but it seemed fun for Hi. ;) Writers in SF, if you need a couple of hours to come out and write, join us next time! (Let me know.) It’s twice a month, around 8-...

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(Letter) Writing Club

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Note: For this week’s Working Draft, I decided to use the time to write postcards to some people I promised to write, and well, decided to use the postcards to freewrite (and freedraw?) this moment, t...

Prose, writing, Handwritten

More writing.

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Another Working Draft meeting.1 I’ll have to warn you: I was on freewrite mode. Funny to see how issues just sort of pop up as you write and write and write and write. I thought I could stay on the ty...

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You are loved

by Gabriel Vega

Rindge — One night there was lunar eclipse that changed my life forever. They say when there is an eclipse it’s a huge explosion of accumulated energy. Everything that is hidden is illuminated. Everything we f...

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