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“Because I knew you,I have been changed for good.”

by Aparna K

Lucknow — “Like a comet pulled from orbit, As it passes a sun. Like a stream that meets a boulder, Halfway through the wood. Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good It well may be, That we will never meet again, In this lifetime. So let me say before we part, So much of me, Is made of what I learned from you. You’ll be with me, Like a hand print...

farewell, hi.co, words

I can't leave it at 59,586 words, can I?!

by Adrian Tribe

London — Yes, I know I said that my update on Aubrey and Daddy post yesterday was going to be my last, but then I did what So-Shan did and looked at how many words I’ve written in all the moments that I’ve pos...

palm tree, hi.co, Today's Walk

Palm Bloom Moment

by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — How long to produce a Hi.co sketch? Anything from ten minutes to several hours. Today’s sketch concerns that Palm Tree bloom in the pic above. I snapped the plant growing in the garden where we are...

Thank you, hi.co, addicted

Addicted to Hi.co !

by Nisan Gogo

Saint-denis — A short post in an aproximative english (excuse me i’m french) to sayThank you to you, dear Hi.co. I just realised how much i was in love with this plateform, and how lucky i was to has discovered it ...

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