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Finding Frescos

by Ser Chim Lee

Göreme — We did not know where to look. It was a mess. The eyes were gouged out. There were missing limbs. Some of the faces were unrecognisable. We were not describing a war zone. We have stepped into an old abandoned monastery on our way to Soganli. We were prepared to be wowed by the frescos. We could not be more disappointed. The monastery was dark. The frescos slowly materialised before our eyes. Th...

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They're still at it, the grass photographers

by Steve Dearden

Durham — You can see one, in the middle, his flash has just gone off and is about to go off again. When people used film, I lived a few steps behind this shot, and used to wonder what happened when they retur...

Outdoors, Monticello, Historical Site


by Spyridon Simotas

Charlottesville — Monticello, Jefferson’s residence in the hills of Charlottesville, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. That day, we had to wait two hours for our tour. After the tour, and afte...

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"Binny's Cairn", a Bronze Age site known locally as "the giant's grave"

by Donna Maria Alexander

Cork — I have lived in Crosshaven all my life looking across at Currabinny Woods, a forested hillock that stoops to meet Cork Harbour on three sides. Many weekends of my childhood were spent ambling around t...

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