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28 kilograms.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Porto — Twenty eight kilograms. That’s 62 pounds, or 4.4 stone. It doesn’t seem like much, if we’re talking about twenty eight kilograms of cement, or even twenty eight kilograms of wood for the fireplace. It’s a considerably decent amount of potatoes if you’re stocking up, but definitely not the biggest amount of weight for heavy lifting. But how about twenty eight kilograms of memories? Is that too he...

friendship, home, Depression

Friendship is not developed though time, rather moments of time.

by Vivien Leung

Berlin — Sitting in the corner of a cafe, observing, I try to reflect if I am enjoying solitary, or struggling another day of loneliness. ‘Friendship is not developed through time, rather moments of time.’ I...

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The problem with re-entry...(Where the author is pleased to return home and discovers for the nth time the problems with home)...Part 1

by Charlie Grosso

New york — The joy of sleeping in my own bed again. Six-months on the road is long. To shower in a bathroom where the shower is separate from the toilet holds unparalleled joy. A bathtub. Even if I don’t actuall...

home, Life, poetry

Sitting in an apartment without any furniture beyond that found on the street, I recall a favorite poem, struck at the suddenly narrow distance between (my) life and art. It goes like so:

by Zach Hyman

New york — Back Home Again This John Denver song comes back around Like a semi around a cloverleaf intersection This morning, as though circling slowly the potential lives My father might have imagine...

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