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Why I Teach

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Tony Wong is the reason why I like to teach. He is happy. He has a lot of energy. He never has his homework done. He is struggling in his subjects based on marks. When I taught him in P1, he couldn’t remember my name even when I saw him every school day (my school is very small). He tries and it is why I come every morning extra early so I can spend some time reading with him. He struggles with h...

City Life, photography, Hong Kong

The Imaginary City

by Ian Babbitt

Hong kong — Have you been here before? I feel like I have. It’s the imaginary city, the city that steps out of iconic imagery. It is the city that only exists in that moment. Yet, it is the city that everyone tr...

Democracy, Hong Kong, Umbrella Movement

Back to the Square

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators gathered in front of the Hong Kong Government’s Headquarters late tonight after the talks between the two sides, scheduled for today, were cancelled at the las...

Hong Kong, Democracy, Protest

July 1st Protest In Hong Kong

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — I was wary about going to the protests today. My concerns were mostly because this isn’t my fight. I don’t fully understand the issues behind the protest. I am a guest here and maybe my presence maybe...

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