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ideas for a better world, Accessibility, Things We Take for Granted

Experienced the world in a whole new way today. People, we have some work to do.

by Lisa Leon

Reno — There are many instances in life for which we take things for granted. The ability to be mobile and gain access to desired areas isn’t something the majority of us think about. However, for those whos...

Thoughts, Accessibility, ideas for a better world

Accessibility to outdoor developed areas is crucial to parenting as a person with a disability.

by Scott Youngs

Reno — Having equal access to all aspects of community life is essential for everyone. It is extremely essential for people with disabilities trying to keep up with life. Communities need to do a much better...

Solo Travel, ideas for a better world

Travel is so important for youth that it should be subsidized.

by Kevin Kelly

Koya — Last week in Japan I was traveling with my 3 young-adult children. I realised that travel is so important for young people that we might want to subsidize it as a society. I am a firm believer in nat...

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