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by Colin Wright

Kolkata — A friend of mine in Kolkata runs a fashion design company. She comes from an upper-class family, and as such has access to the resources required to start such a venture without too much trouble. Thankfully, she’s good to the people who work for her; many business owners in the area aren’t so generous, and employees typically don’t have any way out if they find themselves working under a petty ty...

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Good morning, Kerala.

by Donovan Bui

Chithirapuram — I still can’t believe that I woke up here one day. How could this be India? How could a place be so many paradoxes all at once? How could it be ruthless, and romantic? Or overwhelming yet also calm? O...

Kerala, India, yoga

Yoga On A Beach

by Dallas Sanders

Thiruvananthapuram — Breath in. Hold. Breath out. Breath in. Hold. Breath out. All I can hear is the waves from the near by beach. There is a gentle breeze. It’s the top of my hotel. It’s a completely different experienc...

Travel, India, hinduism

I'd rather be in Mumbai right now.

by Devanshi Mehta

San jose — I’d rather be in Mumbai right this second, slouching lazily on my apartment couch with bad quality wifi and a children’s book (Matilda to be specific), in my palms. I’d rather be dancing my days away ...

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