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Ireland, childhood, Prose

Today, I taught my child to say "ephemeral".

by Evan Payne

Kerry — I remember when I first learned that marvellous, heartbreaking word. It was while reading Le Petit Prince, and the word was “éphémère”. Our teacher helped us grasp the meaning by comparing it to a shooting star in the sky, or a sandcastle on the beach. For the little prince, it was an essential part of a life worth living. Standing on the coast near our home, watching my daughter draw a castle...

Prose, Ireland, Autumn

Last autumn, I saw you from the woods.

by Evan Payne

Kerry — It wasn’t cold, I can remember no scarf, and my hands weren’t shaking as I took the photograph. The trees were all around changing colours, and their mood infected my own as I watched your windows fo...

Ireland, nature, Prose

Beneath giants in winter...

by Evan Payne

Kerry — This is a quiet cathedral, missing its roof. Winter has forced these giant trees into frozen form, leaving the ground and me exposed to the wind and rain. These Irish winters keep my feet wet, and I...

Ireland, Historical Site, legend

"Binny's Cairn", a Bronze Age site known locally as "the giant's grave"

by Donna Maria Alexander

Cork — I have lived in Crosshaven all my life looking across at Currabinny Woods, a forested hillock that stoops to meet Cork Harbour on three sides. Many weekends of my childhood were spent ambling around t...

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