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Nozawa Yoga, Onsens, Public Bathing

Public onsen roofs

by Craig Mod

Nozawaonsen — I bathed under that beautiful roof. The yuruyu (ゆる湯) or, gentle water, into which I had dipped myself was anything but gentle at 44℃. Not to say it wasn’t comforting or warming — it was — but it was approaching the upper bounds of comfort and warmth, just a degree or two below scalding. Next to it was the atsuyu (あつ湯) or, hot water. The water the real men — the farmers from this little village —...

Travel, Japanese architecture

My mind could have kept me walking for hours, but my feet had something else in mind.

by Brian Bukowski

Chuo ward — My travel exploration technique is to walk, walk, walk, and then walk some more. Occasionally with a destination in mind, but usually not. This walk took me to the rather stunning Osaka JR station. L...

Japanese architecture

Umihotaru, Tokyo Bay, Aqua-Line

by Gen Kanai

Kisarazu — $11 billion for the world’s fourth-longest underwater tunnel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Bay_Aqua-Line

Street Art, Japanese architecture

Tennoz isle

by Gen Kanai

Tokyo — Tennoz Isle is a small man-made island on the bay near central Tokyo. It used to be all industrial, with a large real estate corporation (Terada Warehouse) as the majority land owner. Terada has signi...

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