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Shinjuku, Robots, The Future

Uhm ...

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — They say the Japanese are inscrutable. Well, it’s only fitting then that from such a people would be born such a place as ROBOT RESTAURANT. I’m sure others have expounded on the why of ROBOT RESTAURA...

Nozawa Yoga, Onsens, Public Bathing

Public onsen roofs

by Craig Mod

Nozawaonsen — I bathed under that beautiful roof. The yuruyu (ゆる湯) or, gentle water, into which I had dipped myself was anything but gentle at 44℃. Not to say it wasn’t comforting or warming — it was — but it was ...

Japanese Curious, Prose, Testing

The monk in a tree

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — There’s a monk in that tree, I swear. Can you see him? It’s a bit tough. But trust me, he’s there. Bald, in robes. No harness. No helmet. Just a monk in a tree with a sword, cutting branches in my...

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