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impermanence, los gatos, Lake

From the moment I came across hi..

by Vy Lê

Milpitas — I wanted to write something on this site. Yet, I had never blogged nor do I post very much even on facebook or yelp. I didn’t identify as a writer, having been a math major in college. I hardly even read books in high school! Yet, something about this site kept calling me to post. And I finally did 2 weeks ago. I feel so accomplished, to find my voice and write it for others to read or not read. ...

City Life, Lake, mexico

Shoreline on the streets of La Roma

by Priscila Princigalli

Mexico city — When it rains, it pours. Rain isn’t something we’re expecting to come around until May but this year has clearly made an exception. Tuesday evening the city was draped over a thick blanket of gray clo...

meditation, Lake, Croatia

Vrana: vantage point of Croatia's largest lake

by Tanja P

Lake vrana (dalmatia) — For years, a guru of mine had been telling me to find a big rock to sit on. I finally found it. It had been hovering above the place my grandfathers and grandmothers had grown up… Overlooking my an...

Dusk, Lake, sky

Evening run.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — This photograph almost didn’t happen. In fact, for about half an hour, I was certain that it hadn’t. I’d gotten home from work, and was feeling pretty energetic after the short bike ride, so I decide...

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