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landscapes, sea

I live by the sea.

by David du Plessis

Cape town — It’s not just any sea – I live at the edge of a wild sea. When in a rage she’ll rip a kelp forest from the sea floor and heave it onto the beach in layers as deep as a tall man’s waist. Then, when the fly eggs hatch in the rotting blades and stipes, she’ll come at night and take it all back for a feeding frenzy of fish and crabs and abalone. It’s a sea that tempts you to lean into her week-long ...

landscapes, light

I feel giddy when I see light I wasn't expecting: it results in an uncontrollable desire to capture it.

by Dan Rubin

Westcliff-on-sea — If I didn’t have a camera, I would be a painter; if I had no paint, I would translate the memory of my eyes to words.

sunrise, landscapes, City views

Before Sunrise

by Eduardo Kolberg

Curitiba — That day I was awakened before my normal schedule, and my first thought was “gosh, I still have more time to sleep.” But then I went to the window and I saw the sky before sunrise, and any semblance o...

landscapes, Beaches

Dusk, on the beach at Honokowai.

by Lloyd Nebres

Lahaina — I slip into the water, my black form both weightless and buoyant, and an intense familiarity envelops me instantly. I am back where I belong, six long months away on land and air yielding an aridity o...

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