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Thoughts, process, Learning

Stop telling me not to think so much. Stop telling me to ask more questions. Stop telling me to smile more.

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — My well-meaning friends often tell me to stop over-thinking things, over-analyzing situations, and thinking myself into a hole. They’re not wrong. Sometimes it is easier to just jump in and do something, instead of thinking endlessly to nowhere. My well-meaning colleagues and managers tell me to ask more questions so that I can learn faster. To make myself a part of the conversation. That’s good ...

Food, Learning, grocery store

"This is the Godfather of Olive Oil."

by Vivien Leung

Toronto — I was looking for a quick bite so olive oil was definitely not my priority. But the bowl of bread caught my eyes. I couldn’t resist the starch so I stopped. All of a sudden, I was immersed in an hour ...

photography, Learning

Choosing the correct focus point

by Eduardo Kolberg

Curitiba — This picture was one of the first that I took after learning how to use correctly the focus points with my camera. I did a basic photography course and I liked a lot. And I realize that understanding ...


Lately, I often recall the days at university, when we sat down in the student's café to learn for an exam.

by Bernd Pörner

Darmstadt — I remember the relaxed and connected atmosphere of these moments. Drinking coffee or tea, exchanging facts, checking learning scripts, joking with other students outside the learning circle. These we...

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