451 words by 3 writers in Portland, Chennai & Santa Fe

Stories filed under Lists

patience, lists

Good Qualities

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — Sometimes it’s just good to make a list.

Cleaning, nostalgia, lists

Spring (summer) Cleaning.

by Ragini Menon

Chennai — Now that college is done, I’ve decided to do a bit of cleaning, starting with my desk. My desk is a less of one and more of a hoarding space filled with books, stationery and all sorts of other junk. ...

lists, Misc, Change

A list of reasons

by Emily Qualey

Portland — Because… - I’m supposed to - it’s the law - it’s what I want to do - it’s interesting - there’s nothing else left to do - I saw someone else do it - I’m curious - I don’t have a choice - it’ll make ...

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