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Just back from Ubud Writers Festival. Brilliant indie documentary about three Jakarta street musicians, projected on an open air screen. After the heartfelt standing ovation the Canadian Director came on stage.

by Peter Morgan

Ubud — The film, Jalanan (“Streetwise”) had won best documentary at the Bussan Film Festival. I thought perhaps 1000 people watched the film but the Jakarta Globe later said the audience had 4000 people. The applause died down and then Daniel Ziv brought on stage the three musicians featured in the film. An incredulous silence fell as the three musicians did a bit of quick warm up and guitar sorting, and...

Live Music

A storyteller par excellence

by Adrian Tribe

London — Without a doubt I would suggest that Mark Knopfler is one of today’s great storytellers. The lyrics of his songs are just so well-crafted (as is the music of course!). I had the privilege of being ab...

writing, Live Music

mesmerized by pale blue eyes...

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — Part One, when we consider muses, and eating The Dictionary… How I came to find myself at this Crossroads, bearing little more than my own Shimmering Chimera & Hopes that fit inside a Matchbox,...

Live Music, Phamie Gow

Dancing hands

by Adrian Tribe

London — On Tuesday evening I had an opportunity to see (and hear!) a musician I’ve been longing to see live for ages - Phamie Gow - but she hardly ever does live gigs in London (or anywhere, actually!). My d...

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