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lost love, lovers, Youth

This is how the three of you have shaped me.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — The first one who walked through my open door of innocence will and did forever leave an enormous imprint on my impression & ideas of love. I should say the first one to swoop me off my feet, whic...

soulmates, lovers, Friends

I've found my soulmate, but maybe... he's not the love of my life

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — I’ve found someone who makes me smile, makes me feel stronger than anyone else. There’s something special whenever I look at his eyes… he’s handsome, smart and a gentleman, but I know… it’s not ab...

Paris, lovers, kiss

Le baiser de la tour Eiffel

by Philippe Castelneau

Paris — The Eiffel Tower. Try and take a picture there! Everything has been seen a thousand times, everything is cliché. I was about to put away my camera, aiming one last time, without believing in it too mu...

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