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The Book Market

by Steve Dearden

London — I used to circle the London Book Fair like I was lost in strange water. There are more big fish in suits and power dresses there than in my small book pond. You overhear phrases like, ‘Of course their problem was they lost the middle corporates.’ I guess anyone might find seeing the whole of their industry in one place overwhelming. Everyone’s here: from the giants of literary, lifestyle and edu...

Market, Farmers Market

"Every day. Change the water and clip the ends. Otherwise, the water has nowhere to go."

by Kristen Taylor

New york — Wrapping the fresh flowers in paper, he is reluctant to let me walk away. “They will last ten days if you clip them and change the water,” he says. “If there is stem left, you can dry them. Upside-dow...

Market, Food

There are places in the world where men can still be found deep in conversation about the appropriate way to prepare beautiful fish.

by Timi Siytangco

Rome — At this particular fish stall, in the old Testaccio Market one metro stop south of the Colosseum, there was also a photograph of Marcello Mastroianni, looking over the fresh tuna and looking out at us...

Food, Prose, Market

Oh my, yes.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — It is hailing outside, the kind of morning to snug into reading, pull another blanket onto the couch and look up occasionally at the window. Instead, I am trying to determine whether the hail that is ...

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