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Street Food, Memory, Goodbyes

Last Meal

by Charlie Grosso

Hanoi — There are only 8 meals left. Eight. Tonight’s dinner (which I will make at home), two full days of breakfast, lunch and dinner and a quick breakfast before this self-sanctioned exile is over. Discovery is no longer what I’m interested in but what my last meals will be. Should I have lunch at my favorite Bun Cha place with the really good Nem; where the ladies have come to recognize me, the soft sm...

Cycling, mountains, Memory

The Super Walker

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — The plan: climb 2500 feet on pavement for the privilege of climbing 1500 on dirt. Now turn around and climb 1000 more home. On a singlespeed. How hard could it be? [27:00] I’m out of the saddle, I ...

A day in the life, Memory, Goodbye

Fraction of A Second

by Charlie Grosso

Sulaymaniyah — The point of intersection. The Bosphorus melting into the Marmara Sea; the Golden Horn meets the Bosphorus. Ships, ships, ships. On a terrace in Cihangir, I can forever watch the ships go by. Passenge...

Food, Memory

A soul corrupting Blackberry Pie, Cilantro Honey Lamb...but it is never really about the food is it? 

by Charlie Grosso

New york — Puy Lentils with Sour Cherries, Bacon and Gorgonzola, Almond Carrot Salad, Lamb with Cilantro and Honey, Almost Blackberry Pie (the soul corrupting kind - wheat, butter, sugar ) Four dishes for a sim...

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