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Misadventures, Libraries, Hostels

Hipster hobo mode

by Christine Herrin

Tokyo — It was an empathy test of sorts.1 See, a few hours before, I had gotten really sick on an overnight bus from Osaka.2Reeeaaaally sick. Sick enough to warrant an unplanned stop, several embarrassed bows from me, and our bus conductor pulling out his phone with Google Translate. We have break now. You need help? it said. (Aww.) I nodded and managed to hobble off the bus before sprinting in the snow...

Travel, waiting, Misadventures

I guess this adventure needs one more day.

by Christine Herrin

Jamaica — I’d been gone for a month. One month and six days. Ten (!) flights. Three continents. Seven countries. … with one carry-on luggage (to rule them all!) One carry-on that felt like a magician’s hat...

Misadventures, writer's block, sleep

The visit of 2 AM, and a page barely touched

by Marion Esquillo

Pasig — We stared at each other, our expressions blank. My pen was moving. Yet it, too, was shooting blanks. There was a poem whispering somewhere, knocking on my mind. But Sleep and Rumination had the louder...

Travel, Misadventures, growth

Over the years, I've questioned exactly why I continue to feel the need to travel. That perfect trip advertised in travel brochures and on adventure Instagram feeds? It doesn't exist...

by Kimberly Markley

Idaho falls — Stuff always goes wonky…planes are delayed, luggage is lost, tires are punctured, tummies get sick, vehicles break down, rain pours for days, poison ivy itches, the fish don’t bite, the campsite flo...

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