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Your Uncle's Eclipse

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Remember when we went over to your Uncle’s after they got back from their big trip to Europe? Must have been forty years ago. A slide show with that little projector balanced on too tall a stack of books. The blurry images on the wall. Your Uncle’s apologetic tone. He said: “This is where we had breakfast in Barcelona. You’d never guess that La Sagrada Família is just around the corner! Da...

moon, twilight, astronomy

Waxing Crescent?

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — New moon, twilight . . . are we talking vampires here?


Good morning Tokyo

by Daisuke Horie

Tokyo — It’s not that early, but this was the beginning of a fairly busy day. First, I dropped my son off at day care. Then I walked to the national and metropolitan tax offices to hand in my paperwork to be...

Strolls, moon, Blue Hour

Kind of blue

by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — I love all kinds of blues when it comes to colors, and I don’t mind the music either. When it comes to that state of mind - well, I guess it’s a part of the package.

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