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New vertical commute.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — I take the express in the mornings. Eleven stops, but only the two last hop neighborhoods, the Financial District to 14th to Herald Square, twenty blocks in a gulp. This was a city center once, when these Midtown intersections and parks were named for rival newspaper publishers and within a year the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings topped out with spires to beat the band and scrape the sky. Th...

New York, London, Barcelona

NYC -London - Barcelona jumble

by Dani Z

London — The first thing I did upon arriving in Barcelona was to walk past a row of tapas and pinchos places I know to be excellent and order a hot dog from a place I did not recognize. As punishment for my st...

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Standing there in the flare of those twinkly lights, I started to weep.

by Angela Higgins

New york — I don’t know what came over me. I hadn’t intended on entering this vast cathedral. This was my shopping day after all. But something drew me. As soon as I entered and looked up and around me I felt a ...

New York, Life, childhood

An old friend

by Gonçalo Morais

New york — I recently moved to New York, where I’ll be working on my programming skills. A new city in a new country, a place where I’ve never been. And of all the things I found around me, it was a long forgott...

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