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Exploration, Art, Observation

Caught in the act.

by Taylor Davidson

Reykjavik — Last year I shot a series called Observing, images of people experiencing art, from museums that we visited around the world that year. Why? Because I’m fascinated by how people observe their worlds, and museums is one example where we’re all seeing the same things, yet we’re often seeing it differently. People’s bodies and actions provide a signal of what’s going through their minds. The continu...

photography, Observation

One side to the other.

by Daniel Milnor

Newport beach — Images made within moments of one another. Wandering amid the masses of beach dwellers. Just shaking the dust off. A snap here, a snap there. Looking more than shooting. The distance is what is troubl...

everyday science, People, Observation


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Holzmaden — We took to the bar’s corner, from where we could observe in silence. Hipster came, had a beer, stared at his smartphone, left again. Different guy took his place, clearly a regular, had a beer too an...

Art, Observation, Perspective

Dear Crooked Collage On The Wall

by Jessica Standifird

Hillsboro — Dear Crooked Collage On The Wall, For days, I have been glimpsing you from the corner of my eye. I’ve even stood directly in front of you and debated setting you straight. But, my mother gave me stub...

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