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I want clean rivers of metal to divide us

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Paris — Compared to other establishments, the admission fees are marginal. Yet the Paris metro has long been considered one of the best & largest theater venues in the world. All spectators should be prepared to take part in the performance.

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by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Paris — March is fraught with many shortcomings. People in the Northern hemisphere hate November, and with a reason. But March I hate best. March I have to deal with. New beginnings, right - but why has life ...

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Paris is wakening up. 

by Raphael Hodé

Paris — This morning it took me 25 minutes to get to work. It’s 5 more than every mornings for the past month. No big deal. 5 minutes is nothing significant… Really? Well, see, those 5 minutes actually mea...

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My first meal abroad, summer 2014

by Stephanie Marie

Paris — I am in Paris, one of the cities that long ago captured my heart in thought and then, again, in person. I’m happy to say this place fully lives up to the romantic fantasies the world places upon it. E...

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