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by Kenna Marcelo

Dubai — Dear Dad, Winter is almost over in the desert. Soon freezing nights (well freezing at least in my opinion, you know how I despise cold weather as much as I hate tropical climate) will be replaced by sweat-filled dreams and more CO2 emissions than usual. It isn’t that hot yet though and for some reason I feel that this change in season is affecting my life more than it should. It’s as if I placed ...

Personal, home, Morning

A Dispatch from Saturday Morning

by Vosco R

Boise — A slow rise this lazy Saturday. Filter the cold brew coffee and dump the compost from yesterday. Walking out on the still damp lawn. A swing on the swings. Checking on the pumpkins and raspberries. Wa...

reflection, Change, Personal

Starting with the man in the mirror...

by Daniel Sparling

Lovrečica — Daniel, 7 months down, 4 to go. It’s been frustrating at times, no-one said it would be plain sailing, you’ve done volunteering in development before, you know how hard it can be. And whilst you mig...

Cat, Personal, Memoir

We adopted a cat

by Vosco R

Boise — We adopted a cat I have always felt that I would not be a pet owner. So once The Butterfly was old enough to start asking for things, her and The Pixie were double teaming me on the pet request front...

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