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poem, Breath

Poems of Pure Breathing

by David Wade Chambers

Olinda — I desire poems of pure breathing: gusts of puppy play roses exuding their perfume silent gardens and mountain meadows breathing in and out chestnuts respiring oxygen in hazy light carbon dioxide exhaled in velvet dark oxygen inhaled again with semi-precious metals in a retort making rare gases the alchemist’s prayer the snorting of steam engines the pale green sigh of the priest as he bur...

poem, Philosophy, stoicism

Homage to Marcus Aurelius

by David Wade Chambers

Los cerrillos — Each life on earth is ceaseless birth and death. Each day, elements unite and disperse. Self is recollection, convention and habit, proclivity, creation, coming together and dispersing. And final...

poem, Love, Beach

Youth's Beach: 1957

by David Wade Chambers

Biloxi — I have touched your face with often and near forgotten smiles. I have walked waist deep in every moment your body would give. I have lived inveterate days belonging only to you. Like an adolesce...

Today's Sunrise, poem

Beginning or End?

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Ra, god of sun and sky, embraced that morning Ma’at, justice, tenderly. But was that sun rising, or setting? Was it a beginning or an end?

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