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The Great Plains Buffalo

by Shelley Werstroh

The pas — We can see the Buffalo of the Great Plains stretching for miles in this picture. We are so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes fail to stop and enjoy the simpler things of nature. The Great Plains where these large buffalo herds once roamed was over 1.6 million square kilometers in size. The First Nations in this area were made up of the Cree, Saulteaux, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Dene an...

indigenous, animals, Brandon Story Class

What an unexpected surprise when you are out only traveling and not hunting. He had just made it across the highway.

by Joanne Young

The pas — My husband is a hunter, I just go along for the ride and to spend quality time with him. On this occasion we were traveling to Flin Flon and of course we see a moose, well we slowed down and watched t...

prairie first nations, indigenous, metis

A gift from my father

by Kelly Barr

The pas — “The pulsing drum, often considered to represent the heartbeat of the world, accompanied prayers for the sick to be made well, the recitation of a warrior’s coups, and (of course) the dancing and song...

Brandon Story Class, prairie first nations, indigenous

"The White Buffalo"

by Lisa Skulmoski

The pas — To the Native North Americans the birth of a white buffalo calf is iconic and is meant to bring the Aboriginal nations together and purify the spirit, mind and body. The story of the white buffalo ha...

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