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Smears of curiosity

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — If curiosity had a color, which would it be? Curiosity feels like this imaginary co-pilot in our everyday lives. Unlike any other co-pilot though, this is one that does its best job as a navigator when it’s mostly silent. Let it sit here unnoticed, untouched, virgin, adding dashes of untraced alchemy between our eyes and our brain. There’s no point in giving it too much thought, after all. There ...


How to be alone

by Maria Coveou

Cholargos — I came across this video yesterday: Experiment Ensam. It’s part of a televised (?) “scientific” experiment called Experiment Alone conducted by a Swedish gambling (!) company called Paf. They claim th...

Colors, Personality, psychology

Beyond the Optics of Color

by AJ

Rawlins — I cannot count on two hands how many times, throughout life, I have changed my “favorite color.” It could have simply been a change in preference, or change in personality, perhaps. It is hard to obs...

psychology, CarlJung, English

Carl Jung and Psychology

by Zachary McGaugh

San diego — In my 10th grade English Class, we have been exploring the ideas of famous psychologist, Carl Jung. Carl Jung was inspired by Sigmund Freud and even became his apprentice until they both agreed to spl...

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