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Trying out "Hi" while literally high (up).

by Sean J. O'Neil

Atlanta — So I hadn’t even remembered signing up for Hi until I received my invite today. As a theatre teacher and artist, I’m fascinated by the way technology can impact storytelling, so Hi piqued my interest. After an initial reaction of “This seems really similar to Twitter,” I’ve had the following thoughts (seems I can’t get the List markdowns to work, so let’s pretend I’m quoting my brain): The ab...

Public Transportation

A most unexpected passenger.

by Zoelle Egner

San francisco — It rolled on at Powell street and off again at Van Ness. Probably the elderly man who escorted it aboard got it underground via the elevator. Still, for some time after I imagine the big blue bin rum...

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We're just like penguin family standing close in blizzard.

by Sayo T

Musashino — Tokyo gets whiteout again. Snow keeps falling down on us stuck on platform, making lines politely in very Japanese way.

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If on a Winter's Night a Traveler 

by Eliza Sarobhasa

Vancouver — “The novel begins in a railway station, a locomotive huffs, steam from a piston covers the opening of the chapter, a cloud of smoke hides part of the first paragraph. In the odor of the station there ...

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