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by Craig Mod

Shibuya-ku — These things take time — closing, opening, changing, editing. Everything I’ve ever worked on worth pointing to has taken 2-10x longer than expected to complete. Above, I’m with Chris, mid-Thai meal, over a year ago (!!), where we began mapping out ways to potentially close down Hi. It wasn’t totally certain yet that we’d need to shutter it, but things didn’t have the velocity to justify pulling i...

photography, Publishing, Books

It's official. I'm a photographer once again.

by Daniel Milnor

Costa mesa — I thought it was over. Done. Never again. That Tuesday when I’d had enough and deleted my main email account. Severed like an artery. And then I stepped away, put the little box down and picked up a p...

writing, Publishing, Pirates

Pirates and press checks

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — She reads through the final draft, slowly checking for typos. “Design looks good,” she says. Whew. Then her forehead starts to wrinkle. “Umm.. One more thing.” Yeah? “Check this. Do pirates say ‘...


After hours

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — “Go hoooome,” Stephen says, passing by my desk. “You can finish that next week.” “I’m at 43,” I answer. (43 titles to go.) See, I’d been busy with intern things (whee) and my task since last week wa...

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