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Touch the Line

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — Welcome to a small start for a much bigger ongoing project from The Writing Squad. A start of a start, a whistle for a journey, the beginning of an exploration of the lines that we travel all the time, lines that connect the patch The Writing Squad covers, from Cheshire to Northumberland and from Cumbria to South Yorkshire, from Liverpool to Hull, from Newcastle to Sheffield and Manchester and al...

sculpture, Street Art, Railways


by Adrian Tribe

London — I love the latest artwork to appear hanging in the Barlow Train Shed roof at St Pancras! It was unveiled yesterday but I had to wait until today before I had a chance to see it for the first time. I...

history, Railways

Sitting inside history

by Adrian Tribe

London — I had to travel back home during this morning and as the train came in I was rather disappointed to see how old it looked, tatty at the edges, and definitely not as nice as the much newer trains that ...

Railways, Maths

Steel mathematics

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — Something occurred to me after taking this photo today on the bridge over the railway in my village. Here is a ready-made illustration of something the children in the primary school just a few yards...

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