Rainy Days

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Rainy days


by Sanna Karlsson

Somewhere — Tonight is as rainy and dark and humid, as last night was clear. I can’t seem to mind. There is something about this weather that lets my soul stretch out and rest. There is space for that in melancholic weathers like this.

Rainy days

Broken umbrellas after the storm remind me how fragile and generous object can be.

by Giovanna Iorio

Rome — Long time ago there were people who could fix broken umbrellas. Now, as soon as they break, they are thrown away on the street. After a big storm you can see them at the side of the streets, half open...

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My guide had an interview. Some intensely Berkeley-sounding interview...

by Sonja Daebelliehn

Berkeley — My guide had an interview. Some intensely Berkeley-sounding interview: with a high-achieving, world-travelled, meeting-the-world-again-after-his-accident professor. Out of my league. I helped her pick...

Rainy days

Escaping from beneath the rock.

by Zoelle Egner

San francisco — For a few weeks, it seemed San Francisco had forgotten how to winter. While the rest of the country shivered through polar vortices, we found ourselves prancing around parks in our tank tops, complain...

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