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moving, Philosophy, Reality

Moving is moving

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Kirchheim unter teck — It is understood that moving makes you susceptible to movements of the soul. Yet rarely we acknowledge that moving means experiencing the world as a multitude of interconnected, moveable fragments. Moving, you have to consider the possibility the universe might be the biggest sign of all, pointing to no discernible reality - even denying you the paltry solace of clear-cut nothingness. Yet in contr...

Synesthesia, Reality, Psychoanalysis

Synesthésie...Une autre réalité 

by Samir Taouaou

Paris-1er-arrondissement — C’est une histoire qui date de quelques années. J’assistais à l’époque à une reproduction musicale d’un groupe d’amis qui jouait dans un petit bistro vers République, je leur avais promis de faire qu...

Fantasy, Reality, A day in the life

Eres la mezcla perfecta entre fantasía y realidad.

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — Los mejores días de mi vida los he pasado con el dilema de saber si eres real o no, si verdaderamente el tiempo deja de correr cada vez que estamos juntos, pero toda duda se disipa cuando mis labios e...

Reality, City Life, Journalism

The Then Journalists

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Today, as journalists are themselves in the headlines, I recollect this week’s meeting with a former journalist who is in dire straits, needs urgent care and compare with the existing breed who are no...

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