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You go to restaurants, you order, you eat your food, you pay, you leave a tip. Do you think of the people?

by Shrutarshi Basu

Ithaca — “After completing high school in my home country of Laos in 1976 I fled to Thailand because of the Communist regime takeover in Laos. “After my immigrant status application was approved, I arrived in Montreal with a feeling of security. Living in Montreal for ten years, I learned what the New World had to offer. “In 1989 I came to stay with my wife, who lives in Ithaca. By working with many loca...


"Say we are Unagi!"

by Maria Coveou

Athens — First time I actually saw ‘Unagi’ written on a menu and it made me smile. “Say we are Unagi, say it!” “It’s not something you are, it’s something you have!” Well, I am never gonna have this Unagi…...

innovation, Ghana, restaurant

The air-restaurant.

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra metropolis — I am always glad when something different and innovative is started. The air-restuarant - that’s the new thing everyone who comes to Ghana will be looking out for. And that’s the new place everyone...

restaurant, Theatre, Play

The theatre bar at the end of the wharf

by John O'Callaghan

Dawes point — It’s only fair that a theatre should have a theatre bar, right? Read more

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