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Goodbyes, Sadness, Parenting

The saddest Narita of them all.

by Luis Mendo

Tako — Every time I’ve come to Narita airport from Tokyo, it has been a sad trip. The perspective of leaving this megapolis that feels like my cute little hometown, has always made me cry. Many of the times I’ve ridden the bus to this airport, the rides have felt like 10 minutes. But today was the saddest of them all. My 15 year old son has left Tokyo after living one year with me. The two of us. He ca...

#100HappyDays, Sadness, unhappiness

Day 78 #100HappyDays: Hello, I am ...

by So-Shan Au

London — It had to happen. I’ve been ‘perky’ for 77 days. Today was grey and miserable, and I had a bit of a shock in the morning which pretty much put a dampener on the day. I’m not very good at dealing with ...

disaster, Korea, Sadness

Nation in Mourning

by Dallas Sanders

Gunsan-si — The trip began with a baseball game full of dancing girls, loud music, highly choreographed cheers from the home town Samsung Lions vs the Doosan Bears. The air was crisp and the stadium was full of f...

oddities, Abnormalities, Sadness

Interesting how one day you're happy and the next day you shut out the world and sleep, and sleep, and sleep.

by Nobody Nothing

Kankakee — I never realized how short life was and how fast it was going by….I think that’s just normal teenage feelings.

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