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From a great height

by Paul Cloutier

San francisco — A few years ago, I got invited to head up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge by a friend who worked for the transit district. You start by walking out the bridge to one of the towers, each of which have a tiny elevator. You crush into them with not more that 3 people and start the long anticipatory ride to the top. Once you get up there, you come out through a porthole opening like exiting a sub...

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When was the last time you felt misplaced, only to be reassured by something completely unfamiliar?

by Aaron Liao

San francisco — It took a moment before my mind registered what this stranger was doing - when it clicked, I just smiled. There was nothing graceful about how I managed this shot. Actually, for the people who saw m...

san francisco

Treasure Island.

by Kristen Taylor

San francisco — What I really want is to be kissed, but instead San Francisco slings an arm around my shoulder because we are old friends, and it’s understood that nothing is ever going to happen. P. hands me one of...

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Golden Gate Bridge from SF bay trail

by Héctor García

San francisco — I LOVE walking for hours. It is one of the best ways to discover interesting places and learn to move around in a new city. We walked from Embarcadero until this bench by the sea. The timing was perf...

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