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Self-portrait, Prose

Self-Portrait of The Artist as a Self-Conscious 17 year-old.

by Ianne Villanueva

Manila — She calls herself self-conscious because she does not consider herself artistic, not an artist even. And she calls herself an artist because what else can she call these words and images that she forms, takes, thinks, sees, hears, and feels as beautiful other than art? And so when she put her camera on timer one late afternoon (the room shadowy and lit up only by LCD screens) and the picture ende...

archeology, Self-portrait, Jumping

Leaping above the birthplace of democracy

by Jonathon Reed

Rome — We wandered through the ruins of the Roman Forum, feeling the sun’s heat of antiquity among the chipped stone walls. The edge of the Farnese Gardens reached out above the city. Thousands of years of h...

Travel, hiking, Self-portrait

Absorbed by the wind above the valley

by Jonathon Reed

Songesand — I watched the arrow of my compass as I reached the highlands overlooking the fjord. I stood on the cliff’s edge and took in the northern valley. Below me was the distant green of the pines, diluted by...

Self-portrait, Work-Life Balance

People just want me to have a job. They want to take a label and stick it on me.

by Jette Fxx

Tallinn — People just want me to have a job. They want to finally be able to take a label and stick it on me. They want to take me and drop me into a category. This will give their mind clarity and peace. They ...

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