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In love!

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Another one about chance, discovery and accidents. A little nerdy too. I bought this box of brush markers a couple of weeks ago after having used exclusively watercolours for years. Jumping from the old trusted watercolour technique to the brushes was a huge step for me and I wasn’t totally comfortable about it but somehow to change for a while felt like a good idea. After some weeks, I started t...

Serendipity, Design

First time @ La Gaité Lyrique for the Designer Days, first talk by @cpalmieri explaining what is, first sketch on my part. Do you see Chris ?

by samuel

Paris — DesignerDays in Paris. Some sort of yearly event where designers meet and talk, from what I heard. A friend told me to come this afternoon to listen to a panel about “Connected devices and design”. Ch...

inspiration, Serendipity, Creativity

Take a smile.

by Valentina Manchia

Turin — I was very sad this evening, when I entered the metro. I found this. And now I have a smile in my pocket, just for me.

Food, Holidays, Serendipity

Secret oyster CSA rooftop pick-up

by Kristen Taylor

New york — I am not usually walking near Union Square on a Friday night, but my hair had just been platinumed, and my arms were full of baguette and brioche from a favorite bakery, and the city sidewalks, busy s...

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