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spring, Snow

Even the birds are confused.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — If I close my eyes it sounds like spring. Robins. Crows. Waxwings. Every day this week I have worn a different coat. Yesterday it was wool in the freezing rain. The night before it was leather against the wind and in the afternoon it was boiled wool in the sun. We must change our skin in the spring but only as spring will let us. Winter boots today, or rubber ones? Or might the snow melt before...

Winter, Snow, New experiences

The first epic snowfall of the year

by Connie Tsang

Toronto — I pass a man on Bloor Street, gleefully squealing into his phone. He bends down to pick up a handful of the freshly fallen snow, shoving it into the screen, like he’s giving someone a first taste of c...

Snow, Sports

Stayin' alive

by Christine Herrin

Mammoth lakes — The weekend goal: stay alive. I’ve tumbled, landed on my knees (on the wonderful spot where I skinned my knee earlier this week), landed on my butt, eaten snow. Around me, people speeding by effortl...

Winter, Weather, Snow

I think it'll be staying awhile this time.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — How to prepare for winter in Saskatchewan: Bake a pear-cardamom crisp for the annual potluck to say goodbye to your acting teacher before he heads off to Barcelona for the winter. Find the cat-eared ...

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