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spring, Snow

Even the birds are confused.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — If I close my eyes it sounds like spring. Robins. Crows. Waxwings. Every day this week I have worn a different coat. Yesterday it was wool in the freezing rain. The night before it was leather against the wind and in the afternoon it was boiled wool in the sun. We must change our skin in the spring but only as spring will let us. Winter boots today, or rubber ones? Or might the snow melt before...

Sepia, spring


by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I left the house early this morning. Walked to College Drive with my husband and then headed to the hospital as he headed downtown to work. It was my twice-yearly gastroenterology checkup. “Unremarkab...

Architecture, spring, River Thames

No wobbles today!

by Adrian Tribe

London — The sun was shining on and off at lunchtime today so I decided to dash to the station and travel 3 stops to Blackfrairs so that I could take some pictures in full daylight from this wonderful station ...

sunrise, spring, commute

Another beautiful morning!

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — I live just a few minutes walk from the station and have been commuting to London for so long now (is it really 22 years?!?) that I’ve got the timing down to a fine art. Sometimes the train is just pu...

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