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"Telling the story is not nearly as important as living the story."

by Aaron Palabyab

Lares — Now that I’m home and sorting through thousands of photos and videos from the trip of a lifetime, I’m realizing that really, as much as you want to share everything you’ve seen and done with other people, the best you can do is to share the best parts to inspire others to do the same, then be content to enjoy the rest for yourself. As Rolf Potts writes in Vagabonding: “Try as you might, you simp...

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'I shoot on full auto'

by So-Shan Au

London — … So revealed award-winning photojournalist, Steve McCurry, at an event in London to coincide with the publication of his new book, Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs. If the name doesn’t so...

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Sun Comes up like an A-bomb

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Just wondering if there could be a connection between today’s sunrise and the fact that the temperature is expected to climb to over 100F this afternoon. Possibly something about atmospheric layers o...

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If you want to know The Truth About Stories, ask a Native.

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — When I was a kid in Oklahoma, seventy years ago, storytelling happened mainly at bedtime. And it wasn’t much associated with the idea of truth. The stories we heard were of the fairy tale and fable...

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