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Australian wildlife, snake, indigenous

Australian Snakes and the Dreamtime

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — It’s that time of year again. This pic was taken in November, a year ago, just as summer began to awaken the local reptile population. It’s an Eastern Brown, who was chasing a lizard down our garden path, incidentally heading towards my daughter and me as we stood by the house watching the little drama unfold about three meters away. Needless to say, we fairly swiftly made our way into the hou...

writing, Publishing, story

To susurrate

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — Then there was the moment they published the first shortstory of mine written in English. And I was happy.

dramatic, story

The sound of bulldozers on construction sites was nothing new for a New Yorker, but a building crashing down wasn't.

by Frank Lopez

Mercedes — Not full story There’s details I’m not including Mark had a day off his job and he was to take care of his sons, Adrian,12 & Michael 6. While Diana, Mark’s wife, worked he received a call that th...

Scotland, literature, story

"Woher kommt die Inspiration?" Aus dem Moment, aus den Geschichten, die dir das Leben erzählt.

by Hilke-Gesa Bußmann

Highland — Als Autor wirst du oft genug gefragt: “Woher nimmst du eigentlich die ganzen Ideen?”, “Was inspiriert dich?”, “Wer hat dich dazu gebracht?”, “Ist diese Geschichte ein Teil deines Lebens?” Und jedes Ma...

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