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Why I Teach

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Tony Wong is the reason why I like to teach. He is happy. He has a lot of energy. He never has his homework done. He is struggling in his subjects based on marks. When I taught him in P1, he couldn’t ...

Students, teaching

The teacher

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — The teacher must only be a guide. The teacher must realise that every student already knows. And the teacher’s responsibility is to help the student realize this latent knowledge. To teach any conce...

Memories, teaching, Students

If I were back in the classroom

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — It’s a Monday morning and I am preparing for class. My body is tired from the previous night’s restlessness. I knew I had a class the following day but I didn’t prepare. I mean it’s sort of hard to ...

Students, Food, Street

Where are the poor students?

by Adrian Tribe

London — I studied near here 30 years ago. Back then, students rarely had much money. We quickly got to know where the cheapest food was and where we could get the cheapest pint, the cheapest paper and pens....

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