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Travel, Swimming, Creatures

To brush the flipper of a creature; to see the face of a Creator.

by Melvyn Foo

Neiafu — ‘A whale of a time’ suggests something frivolous, like a party or a theme park. There was none of that in the whales that we encountered. There was only grace, majesty, and power. There was sublimity. The calf was about 6m in length. The mother was at least twice as long. We got our money’s worth on the first day: a playful calf. Unlike our second day, when we had to chase after the whales and...

Swimming, Growing Up

This used to be me. Not literally me. But, me back when I was competitively swimming. Looking at the board

by eileen gittins

Healdsburg — to find my next event: what heat what lane? Please dear god lane four lane four lane four lane four, please please please lane four lane four. Aaack. Lane six. OK. Lane six. Lane six. Crap. I hate th...

music, Swimming, composing

Swimming Solo

by John Pull

Broad run — You’re asking for trouble, they’d say. If anything happened you’d have no one to save you. Have you forgotten that your right shoulder hasn’t worked since you reached behind your seat on that train ...

#100HappyDays, Swimming, Rain

Day 10 #100HappyDays: Swimming in the rain

by So-Shan Au

Singapore — Winding down in a deserted hotel swimming pool, in the rain. Peaceful and relaxing. And nice to be outdoors after spending the day inside at a conference. It was especially nice swimming in the rain, ...

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