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Why I Teach

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Tony Wong is the reason why I like to teach. He is happy. He has a lot of energy. He never has his homework done. He is struggling in his subjects based on marks. When I taught him in P1, he couldn’t remember my name even when I saw him every school day (my school is very small). He tries and it is why I come every morning extra early so I can spend some time reading with him. He struggles with h...


i love my students.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — I have been absent. For the past 5 weeks, I have been teaching a UX immersive course at General Assembly, and for 40 hours a week I spend my time helping 20 people change careers, owning the knowledge...

teaching, Korea

Hee Ra

by Dallas Sanders

Yongin-si — Hee Ra was a student of mine over 9 years ago at Namsangho Language Institute in Bundang Korea. She, and her family, have been gracious enough to let me stay with them while visiting Seoul. It has bee...

teaching, School

Amazing Teachers

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — “You’re not here just to teach them English but also be a mentor to them.” — Sophia Kim, a teacher I worked with while in Korea in my second year there. I was reminded of this at our school Christmas...

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