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If you live in San Francisco, you know to avoid Eddy and Leavenworth Street... *stab*

by Matthew Alvis

San francisco — So. If you got this. The Tenderloin is what I’m talking about. 70% of violent crimes (and very cheap rents wink wink), but this is the REALLY bad area. You try to avoid it, your going from The Financial District to Van Ness/Civic Center. How do you get there? There are two ways. The short way, to go down Turk or Market, and get to City Center. However, the Tenderloin is there. So druggies, and pro...

Tenderloin, murals

Girl with apples

by Suzanne B.

San francisco — Mural at the corner of Polk and Eddy streets by Barcelona artist and muralist, ARYZ. I love her little top hat.

Tenderloin, Graffiti

Every day is a struggle

by Suzanne B.

San francisco — On Polk, between O’Farrell and Ellis streets. Since I took this, the message was painted over and the building was re-tagged.

Tenderloin, murals

Glad I turned around to look behind me.

by Suzanne B.

San francisco — I drive down Polk Street every morning, through a portion of the Tenderloin, north of Market Street. Despite the area’s blight and poverty, and the concentration of San Franciscans with substance abus...

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