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I was very nervous the day before leaving home this time. Its always rushed when leaving home, you never really know for sure that you are leaving till you are in that plane, train, bus or car.

by Samia Singh

Guadalajara — There wasn’t enough time to pack well or atleast pretend to. The visa takes forever and this time it came a few hors before the flight. The truth is one can never mentally prepare to go to a new place...

Time Travel, Prose poetry, Sanity

I was lost in the land of deadlines and demands.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I was lost in the land of Chronos. The land that stretches out before you like a prairie road dotted with emails and meetings and appointments. The road is straight and narrow. If you move too quickly...

time, Time Travel, Prose

What you leave behind.

by Matthew Nagato

Honolulu — It’s funny how time moves you, not just into a future you never expected or a life you didn’t plan for, but how it utterly changes your view of the world, the things that touch your heart, or what you...

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