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Hippo and the Mountain

by Jack Cheng

Pisac — The first time I meet Hippo he passes me going up the mountain. He’s wearing a red star military cap and a shirt with Fidel Castro’s face on it, has got his earbuds in and is singing in Spanish as he dances effortlessly along the trail. I, on the other hand, have stopped for breath and water. Hippo points up, the ruins are just ahead. “Si se puede,” he says. Yes you can. By the time I reach the r...

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Hotel Russell, then and now...

by Adrian Tribe

London — The Hotel Russell, built in 1898, featured in one of my moments a week or so ago. I’m revisiting it here, as I wanted to couple it with a postcard in my possession which was sent by a guest who staye...

tattoos, Tourists, New York

Skulking around at a tattoo parlor.

by Annie Massa

New york — Red Rocket Tattoo is on the third floor of a walkup building on West 37th, right in the armpit of New York. The stairwell walls are covered in framed tattoo templates: skulls, geishas, stereos, storm ...

Kerala, India, Tourists

Detours in Kerala

by Binu Alex

Punalur — Every tourist comes to Kerala, God’s own country, and travel through the path pre-determined by the travel operators. It is always a touch and go tourism where in minimum days they want to see maximum...

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