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San Juan Sans Swallows

by David Wade Chambers

San juan capistrano — My partner Paul (that’s him in the blue Polo shirt) and I have been visiting friends and family up and down the coasts of southern California. This weekend we caught the train in San Juan Capistrano where the ‘old’ train station shares a parking lot with the ‘old’ mission. The famous swallows, however, were nowhere to be seen. As many will remember, these local swallows were commemorated in the...

Traveling, writing

My travel log

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra metropolis — Recently I met a young man who told me the one thing he loved to do was to travel. Now I am consumed by wanderlust. Heaven knows I am hatching a plan to travel. To write. And never to look back. My...

Shanghai, china, Traveling

Shanghai, the bund, sunrise. Seeing the city from a new perspective, in a new light, on a misty morning.

by Mary Halloran

Shanghai — In Shanghai, life can get rough for an expat. A new night club or a drink at the latest bar on the bund begin to feel old, and you start to wonder just what you’re doing in China. Feeling lost in a ...

Airport, Traveling, Maps

Face direction of travel

by Nelson Harst

New york — I looked up from my phone long enough to see the doors slip shut at Howard Beach. I was a bit dazed, having just accidentally bought an antique map of Borneo. Ever since the A-Train emerged from unde...

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