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Politics, Washington DC, USA

DC is perhaps my least favorite place in the US.

by Colin Wright

Washington — The last time I was in Washington DC, I ended up insulting a politically conservative talking head right before he went on TV. I’m not political. I wasn’t judging him for his viewpoints on Red or Blue, and I didn’t have any expectations for the conversation (I had no idea how he voted, or why, or what party was propping him up as a demagogue). It wasn’t important. I was just sitting in the green ...

Travel, USA, Friends

Homeward bound after a month in the USA

by Pat Allan

San francisco — After 1 month, 2 conferences, 4 concerts, 7 cities, 2 trains, 2 buses, 10 flights (with 3 more to come), and countless amazing humans, it’s time to head home to Melbourne. My home town remains my fav...

Salt Lake City, USA, Traveling

On traveling

by Alex Navasardyan

Salt lake city — Do you know the feeling when you get out of your comfort zone? When somebody tells you that there’s another way of doing something, but you still stick to your “old” way? I generally like to travel. ...

Canada, work, USA

On smart Canadians who seek jobs in the USA (and elsewhere)

by Connie Tsang

Toronto — Sigh. Another one of my Canadian friends is taking off for the US of A in attempts to kickstart her NGO career — and this ain’t the first. I am happy for her, that she’s taking steps to improve her ca...

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