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Placing a recently filled journal on this shelf always brings a sense of accomplishment.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I started journal writing when I was about ten. I had been filling notebook after notebook with science fiction and horror short stories and I think my mother wanted me to branch out into a safer and prettier style of writing. The journal she gave me was pink with “Diary” gold-embossed on the cover in some sort of flowery script. It had a lock and a key and the date on the top of each lined page. ...

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I can't leave it at 59,586 words, can I?!

by Adrian Tribe

London — Yes, I know I said that my update on Aubrey and Daddy post yesterday was going to be my last, but then I did what So-Shan did and looked at how many words I’ve written in all the moments that I’ve pos...

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Why is this a shed?

by Adrian Tribe

London — Aren’t words funny?! Take ‘shed’ for example. I have a shed in my garden at home. It’s about 8 feet square, made of wood, and full of assorted junk and boxes that are gradually ...

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Just Foxing Around

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Urban Dictionary: To Fox: The art of going into places you shouldn’t, taking things you oughtn’t to, and doing things that in most countries are probably just a tiny bit illegal. Acts are usually per...

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